3 Reasons To Take Engagement Photos | San Diego Wedding Photographer

I’m here to tell you that engagement photos are so much more than just a photo to use on your Save the Date cards or as your Facebook cover photo. They can serve a much larger purpose so before you consider scrapping the engagement session to try and save a few bucks, hear me out!

Look, I totally get it. Weddings are expensive but this isn’t where you want to skimp! Here are three reasons why you should take engagement photos with your wedding photographer.


1)  Practice Makes Perfect. An engagement session is a great way to get to know your photographer! You’re going to be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day and the more comfortable you are with one other, the better your experience will be. Think of your engagement session as the practice run for your wedding. After all, when was the last time you were in front of a professional camera? It’s smart to brush the dust off at your engagement session versus on your wedding day. By the end of an engagement session I want my clients to think of me as their friend, not just their photographer! This makes the wedding day such a breeze not only for your photographer but most importantly for YOU. You’ll feel relaxed with your photographer and confident in front of the camera which ultimately means having photos that are a real representation of you and your relationship.


 2)  Variety is the Spice of Life. There are a variety of things you can do with your engagement photos. The most obvious is to use a photo or two for your Save the Date but it doesn’t end there! You can use the photos to personalize the décor on your wedding day. Beautifully framed photos will look amazing on display at your wedding and your guests will love to see them. Photo guest books are always very popular, too! Ask your photographer if they offer them and let them take care of it. And let’s not forget framing them for your home! Don’t wait for your wedding photos and only display those on your walls – mix it up with engagement photos that are casual and show off your style and personality! Almost five years later I still have two of our engagement photos framed on our fridge. We look so young and it reminds me of being engaged and where it all began.


3)  You’re So Unique.  Your engagement session is great way to incorporate your individual hobbies and personalities into the photos. Maybe you met at a baseball game or he proposed at the top of a mountain. Perhaps you want to incorporate your fur children because they’re such a big part of your lives. Use these details to inspire your engagement session and have truly unique photos that are meaningful to your relationship! Your wedding day will be different because the focus isn’t necessarily on the photos but rather on the marriage taking place. That’s why engagement photos are so fun – it’s ALL about the photos and having a good time!


4)  BONUS! This fourth reason just popped into my head but it’s really the most important of all! Beyond all the practical reasons for the engagement photos, the biggest reason to take them is to document this short and sweet phase of your life. It is exciting, fleeting and worth celebrating. Earlier I mentioned that I have two of our engagement photos on our fridge. I see them every single day and I absolutely love those photos because (excuse my cheesiness) it was our chapter one. I feel one thousand percent different about Alex today than I did in that photo but it’s such a sweet reminder to see that photo everyday and remember our engagement. For us it was an exceptionally fleeting time as we were engaged for less than 3 months!


If you were on the fence about engagement photos I hope I encouraged you to schedule a session and if it’s already on your calendar you better be excited!!

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