7 Tips For Bringing Dogs To Photo Sessions

My clients often ask me if it’s okay to bring their fur baby to their photo session and my answer is always YES, YES and YES. They are part of the family! Butttt before you jump in the car with your pup, here are SEVEN tips to make your session as easy as possible:

1) If you only follow one of these tips, let it be this one. Bring someone along to help! Ideally, have someone come with the dog. We’ll do photos with the dog first and then have that super awesome someone bring the dog home. That way you don’t have your mind on the dog the whole time and you can relax! If anything, ask someone to come along so they can be in charge of the pup, it makes the whole experience much easier!


2) Check the location beforehand and make sure dogs are allowed. Not all parks allow dogs and it would be such a shame to have to rush at the last minute to find a new location!

3) Don’t forget to think about the collar and leash, I recommend a neutral color so it isn’t distracting. Leather leashes look really fantastic! Plus, your pup will feel so fancy and spoiled!

4) Pack treats or a toy to help get the pups attention. If you brought someone along they can help get the pups attention while I take the photos, works like a charm!

5) Show up early if possible and let your pup get comfortable with the area, especially if it’s somewhere they haven’t been before. Let them run around and smell it out so they are more focused when photos begin.


6) Pack along a lint roller if your dog sheds. The last thing you want is to have dog hair all over you for the rest of your session!

7) Have reasonable expectations about your dog’s behavior. Your dog might not behave exactly the way you want them to so know when to call it quits if your dog just isn’t behaving. I know there are some adorable dog photos out there on Pinterest but they are likely not the norm. More often than not your dog is in a new environment and it a little excited and therefore might not be the best listener. Embrace their silly behavior and just go with it! My clients always love the candid, funny photos with their dog(s) because that’s real life!


I encourage you to bring your dogs to your next photo session! It might get a little hairy and slobbery but it will be a dog gone good time!

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