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  • 10 Wedding Day Myths

  • There are a lot of traditions out there and "rules" when it comes to weddings. I love and respect a great deal of those sweet wedding traditions but I also believe rules are meant to be broken and some of those myths need busting to set brides free! Today I'm busting 10 wedding day myths! 1) You Sh[...]
  • 7 Tips For Bringing Dogs To Photo Sessions

  • My clients often ask me if it’s okay to bring their fur baby to their photo session and my answer is always YES, YES and YES. They are part of the family! Butttt before you jump in the car with your pup, here are SEVEN tips to make your session as easy as possible: 1) If you only follow one of thes[...]
  • Your Wedding Dress Shopping Q's Answered

  • Picking out your wedding dress is a HUGE decision. It is one of the first “this is real” moments after becoming engaged. What look do I want? What do you mean there are different shades of white? How early do I need to start shopping?! BREATHE. I’ve got you covered! I’m stoked to introduce you all t[...]
  • Who Said Wedding Planning Has To Be Stressful

  • I don’t know about you, but I get pretty tired of hearing how stressful wedding planning is. Before you start taking steps to plan your wedding, you’re already told how stressful it’s going to be. That’s so unfair and trap number one! Here you are, newly engaged and bursting with excitement and yet [...]