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  • Who needs a studio anyways

  • My trips back to Minnesota seem to coincide perfectly with the mile markers of the Lyngholm kids. I was there late last January for Christian's 2 year photos. I was back again in June to welcome Elyse into the world and 6 months later I was back in Minnesota to see how much she'd grown! I will also [...]
  • America found their next top model | Briana

  • I was thrilled when Briana contacted me about getting some photos done for her modeling portfolio. Who doesn't want to take photos of a beautiful girl that is a rock star in front of the camera? This girl is the definition of natural beauty. I think her future looks extremely bright!  I can't wait f[...]
  • Cool Things You Find In Your Parent’s Basement

  • I was getting ready for a shoot and was rummaging through my parent’s basement looking for something I could potentially use as a prop when I scored this awesome trunk. My mom has had this trunk since I can remember and it has always stored dress up clothes. I’ve pulled dresses, hats and random cost[...]
  • Future Baby Stavig

  • Daniel and Calleigh were an absolute breeze to photograph. This is pretty much how things went down: Find a location, get comfortable and I think my exact words would be “Okay guys, be cute” and this is what happened… Clearly it wasn’t their first time being photographed.