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  • Oklahoma City

  • I went to Oklahoma City last week to visit my dearest friend and cousin and I couldn't leave without taking a few maternity pictures of her. Mostly because I wanted her to see how we all see her; confident, strong, gorgeous and graceful. She has not had the easiest pregnancy. She spent the first two[...]
  • Baby Bump

  • We didn't plan it this way, but it was very fitting to photograph this soon-to-be mama on Mother's Day this past Sunday in La Jolla California. What a fun way to celebrate the approaching arrival of baby Martell, due in about a month. Unfortunately Katie's husband couldn't join us, because while the[...]
  • Future Baby Stavig

  • Daniel and Calleigh were an absolute breeze to photograph. This is pretty much how things went down: Find a location, get comfortable and I think my exact words would be “Okay guys, be cute” and this is what happened… Clearly it wasn’t their first time being photographed.