Edgewood Farm Wedding

Brooke & Ryan were married on a rainy Saturday in May at Edgewood Farm in Henderson, Minnesota. It rained most of the morning and into the afternoon but shortly before the ceremony started, the rain let up and we enjoyed the rest of the day with looming clouds that threatened to rain but refused. The ceremony and reception were held in a picturesque rustic barn complete with a beautiful little cottage for the bride and her ladies to get ready. It is such a cool venue that allows people to mingle inside or outside and it has what every great venue needs, twinkly lights :) Brooke and Ryan have two adorable kids, Brandon and Reagan, and they were so excited for mom and dad to be married! They were so good all day and were oh so photogenic! I loved working with these two, all day they were calm as could be, nothing phased them. They were clearly excited to be husband and wife, come rain or shine!

This wedding was extra fun for me as Ryan and I went to high school together! I always enjoy taking reception photos and capturing everyone’s killer dance moves but this time it was particularly enjoyable to see so many of my high school friends show off their moves, only a few are embarrassing 😉

HUGE shout out to my second shooter, Melissa Vandermause, she captured so many awesome shots!

edgewoodfarmwedding_0001.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0003.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0004.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0005.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0007.jpgedgewoodfarmwedding_0002.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0006.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0069.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0012.jpgedgewoodfarmwedding_0009.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0013.jpg Brooke’s “something blue” made by her son, so sweet!

edgewoodfarmwedding_0015.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0016.jpgedgewoodfarmwedding_0014.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0017.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0018.jpg

Great shots of Ryan taken by Melissa Vandermause!

edgewoodfarmwedding_0019.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0020.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0021.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0022.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0023.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0070.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0055.jpgedgewoodfarmwedding_0071.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0027.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0026.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0025.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0028.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0056.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0029.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0030.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0031.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0072.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0073.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0032.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0075.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0033.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0034.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0035.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0036.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0077.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0039.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0040.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0041.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0042.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0043.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0044.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0045.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0046.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0049.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0050.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0051.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0052.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0053.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0054.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0057.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0058.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0059.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0060.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0061.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0062.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0063.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0064.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0065.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0066.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0078.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0079.jpgedgewoodfarmwedding_0082.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0081.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0083.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0080.jpg edgewoodfarmwedding_0084.jpg


Ryan and Brooke’s family and friends: Feel free to browse, share, download and order photos! Just CLICK HERE!


Second Shooter: Melissa Vandermause of Galleria Vivid Photography

Venue: Edgewood Farm

Dress: Posh Bridal

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

DJ : Impressions Mobile Music – Bob S.

Florist: DIY

Bakery: Sams Club

Catering: Walt’z Wings (SO GOOD!)

Hair: Coles Salon

Make-Up: Tresses Make-Up

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