Engagement Photo Checklist

Engagement photos are hands down my favorite thing to photograph, I love them for so many reasons! I love them because there is no pressure or time rush, couples are able to really get comfortable and show who they are. This is also my time to get to know the couple and it is much easier to photograph them when you know a little more about them and vise versa. I love that engagement sessions give my couples an opportunity to incorporate their hobbies; whether that be through the location they choose or what they choose to bring along. Engagement photos are just plain awesome and I swear after each session I think it’s my new favorite! Over the summer I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a ton of engagement sessions and I want to share with you a few tips I’ve learned to help your prepare. Here’s your engagement photo check list:


  • Bring Two Outfits. I recommend two outfits to achieve two different ‘looks’ during your session. Many couples chose to wear a dressier outfit and a casual outfit, but that’s merely a suggestion. The key here is two. More than that and you’re spending more time changing than you are taking photos, resulting in a lot of variety but less photos. Two outfits give you variety and plenty of time!


  • Have Your Nails Done. Don’t make the same mistake I did and forget about this small but important detail! I had purple (and no, not a pretty purple) nail polish on for my engagement photos, completely forgetting that my hand had this pretty new ring on it that might be in a few photos. I recommend something neutral and not too distracting. A new ring looks extra awesome on top of manicured hands.


  • Makeup and Hair Supplies. It’s a great idea to pack a little bag of touch up makeup, lip gloss, hair spray, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. You never know what you’ll need and it’s best to be prepared.  A bonus item? Bug spray! This one doesn’t exactly go with makeup and hair supplies but I need to throw it in here somewhere! I can think of a few session this summer where that would have come in handy. This tip is probably geared more towards my Minnesota clients where the state bird is the mosquito 😉


  • Grab Props or Pets. I personally am not big into props but I definitely think there is a time and place for them! If there is something that’s really special to you or something that totally suits your personalities, bring it along! For example, a big beautiful blanket to wrap up in, a surf board for the beach, a picnic basket with wine or even your beloved camper (pictures below!)…you get the idea. If you have a fur baby, they are more than welcome! I love dogs and they are part of the family, too! Just remember to ask someone to come along that can take care of the dog(s) when they’re not in the pictures or bring them home after a few photos.


  • Your Sense of Adventure. This is something you have to bring along! To get “the shot” it may require us to climb some rocks or wander through some interesting landscape but I promise it will be worth it! Come with the mindset that this will be an adventure not just some boring photo shoot. We’re going to have FUN!


  • Clean Your Ring. I love to photograph your new ring in fun and creative ways. Before your session, give it a quick clean to give it that extra sparkle. A quick and easy way to clean your ring is to soak it in warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Let it soak then gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush to clean those hard to reach places. Viola!


  • Finally, An Amazing Attitude! Now I already know you have this checked off your list! Coming in with a positive attitude and mindset means you’re engagement session will be an incredible experience resulting in photos you’ll LOVE. I hope you found this checklist helpful for planning your engagement session, whether it’s with me or someone else! Never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have about your upcoming session or leave a comment!

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  1. by Kayla Illies on August 9, 2016  4:25 am Reply

    GREAT post!!!!! These are awesome tips!!!!

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