Finding Your Tribe

Last night I attended an event that I was really looking forward to. It was an opportunity to meet other people in the wedding industry, have a glass of wine and maybe make a new friend. I went in with a super positive attitude and left feeling… crushed. Since my business isn’t well known yet in San Diego, I felt so small and insignificant…I felt like no one wanted anything to do with me. If I couldn’t benefit them in some way, they didn’t want to talk to me and moved on. On the drive home I was asking myself so many questions; What am I doing wrong? How am I ever going to make it here? Didn’t I feel incredibly positive just one hour ago? Why can other girls pull off high heels and I can’t?! Maybe I should just give up?

After saying all of these horrible things to myself, I quickly realized how absolutely ridiculous I was being. There is NOTHING wrong me with, my business or the fact that I wear moccasins instead of high heels! There was a super simple answer; these weren’t my people. They were very talented and successful, but they weren’t MY tribe. My tribe is made up of selfless creatives that want to raise people up, not put them down. They are people that want to extend a hand to help or lend an ear to listen and they don’t care where you are in your business journey. They know we all started somewhere and the fastest way to the top is together. So I’m feeling pretty good today, like I had a massive revelation. I thought about all the amazing friends, family and creatives that DO support me and cheer me on and I can’t help but think how AWESOME my tribe is! The people I surround myself with kick so much ass! Why I let those negative thoughts pollute my mind last night is absurd.

The moral of the story is; you have a place in this world, and it’s with your people. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are less than awesome just because of how someone else treats you. Celebrate the tribe you’re in and stick to that tribe! Who has time for anything less?

If you’re a creative and this sound like something you’ve experienced, I encourage you to check out the Rising Tide Society. The foundation of this group is community over competition! The Rising Tide Society is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible education for small business owners in creative industries. I am inspired by this group every day and the members of this group are exactly the kind of people I want in my life; positive and uplifting! To my fellow Rising Tiders out there, you guys rock!


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  1. by Paula Traphagen-Bossert on April 21, 2016  1:52 am Reply

    Love this entry in your blog!! Wonderful words...and Beautiful photo. have a lot of "tribe members" supporting you from the Island of Skyline :)

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