Meet Alex

My main squeeze, my other half, the man I do life with–my husband :) He’s really the best. I met him in college, at a townie bar (sorry family members that I told we met through mutual friends, that was lie) I never in a million years thought I would meet my husband in a bar. I thought for sure I would meet him while on some photography adventure or shooting a wedding and the handsome groomsman would think the photographer was so charming 😉 The scenarios I dreamed up were so romantic, definitely something Nicholas Sparks would write about. I’m a die hard romantic so that all seemed pretty probable at the time.

At the beginning, there was nothing special about our relationship; we were just two college kids trying to figure out life. My sister says (Hi Steph!) that we were pretty ordinary when dating, it wasn’t love at first sight and we didn’t have a romantic story– but our marriage has been extraordinary.


Not quite a year into dating, he left for Navy OCS and the adventure began. He stayed in Newport Rhode Island for almost a year and during that time I was finishing up college in Minnesota. I went out to visit him in the spring and it was during that visit I think we both realized that hey, this might work, I kinda love this person. Well fast-forward 6 months and we were back in Newport with our closest friends and family, saying “I do.” We were engaged for less than three months, people probably thought we were crazy! (we are a little) I knew in my heart that if I was going to do this whole military life, I wanted to do it as husband and wife. I remember praying about our relationship and asking God to guide me and I can’t quite explain it, but I always knew Alex was part of God’s plan for me. I know beyond a doubt that God led me to this man and to this life. I always wanted a life of adventure, this year alone I’ve lived on both the east and west coast! It’s not just seeing new sights though, it’s who I see them with.

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I think I was always meant to be a military spouse. I don’t mind being alone, something you have to do a lot. Whether it be duty nights or they are out at sea for weeks (I would say for months but we’ve been fortunate and haven’t had a deployment yet).  I’m pretty independent, too– We spend a lot of time together but I have my own life and my own friends. It can be hard at times, especially for my job, but I love the ups and downs because it’s different. It is a challenge moving my business every couple years.

Since 2012 we’ve lived in three different states. Right when I started making traction in Virginia, we received orders to California. I fly back and forth to Minnesota quite a bit to shoot weddings because that is where I’m from. I love what I do and I don’t want to pass up those opportunities. This year alone I flew back six times. Next summer I will be home for six weeks to photograph weddings six weekends in a row. Don’t get my wrong, I’m incredibly grateful for those weddings, I ADORE my couples and love seeing my family, but I don’t always  love all the back and forth. It’s embarrassing how much equipment I’ve lost this year from the back and forth. Not to mention that’s six weeks where Alex and I aren’t together, but this is how we make it work, it’s a beautiful mess. 

My goal for 2016 is establish myself in San Diego (you’ll be hearing lots about that coming up!) That does NOT mean I won’t be making trips back to Minnesota, just maybe a little less :)  I guess it’s the price you pay for love…? (he’s lucky he’s cute)


Photos were taken on Coronado Island by my dear friend Meghan. I needed a photo for our Christmas card and roped my friend into taking them for us. For someone that’s never managed a camera, she did quite well! I love having a few photos now from California! It was fun being on the other side of the camera for a change. It really drove home my love for photography. There is one photo, that absolutely makes me MELT! Not because it’s the best photo technically speaking but because I remember how I felt and now those feelings are all wrapped up into a picture. It’s just a pretty powerful thing. I only hope to capture those feelings for my clients!

Welp, there you have it. A little bit about our story.



  1. by Lori Pipal on December 15, 2015  2:43 am Reply and Alex are just tooo adorable for words. As a mother, I couldn't be happier that you two have found each other and have such a wonderful marriage. You both deserve each other as you are both the best!

  2. by Delaney Dobson on December 16, 2015  3:43 pm Reply

    I love the light in these photos. Truly beautiful.

  3. by Wendy Zook on December 16, 2015  4:00 pm Reply

    I feel like I know you! Well written! I love "who is she" posts! Beautiful photos, too! :-)

  4. by Ashley Herrinton on December 16, 2015  4:01 pm Reply

    This is so sweet! I loved reading more about your story!! And these pictures are beautiful!!!

  5. by Tania // Run to Radiance on December 16, 2015  4:30 pm Reply

    These photos are gorgeous!! I loved hearing your story! My sister just got engaged to an Alex, praying they have as much joy as you two clearly do! :)

  6. by Tasha Brady on December 16, 2015  5:36 pm Reply

    This is so adorable! How sweet is it to hear about the man behind the woman. Just lovely!

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