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This week marks six weeks that Alex has been gone….six weeks down… forty-six to go. Hmmm, I remember someone giving me the advice not to do a countdown until the very end. I think I’m seeing that logic right about now.
Truth be told, the adjustment phase was a little more difficult than I anticipated. I thought I’d be sad for about a week and then I’d be kicking butt and taking names by week two. After all, there are single people living alone all over the world right now and no one is feeling bad for them so why should it be a big deal that my husband is gone?
Well I can’t tell you why, the best I can come up with is that you get used to someone in your life, you form routines together and you’re comforted by their daily presence. When they’re gone, it takes some getting used to. But luckily, it can be pretty comical at times so I wanted to share with you 10 things I’ve noticed since living life on my own:

*Disclaimer: I would like to point out before you continue that I work from home, I live 2,000 miles away from my family and I’m very extroverted. That will help some of these make more sense…

1) Plain and simple, cooking for one sucks. My waistline would agree because since Alex left all I’ve been eating are frozen pizzas and take out.

2) I had an HOUR long conversation with a telemarketer around week two. Typically, I don’t answer these calls or I quickly ask them to remove me from the calling list. But this lady was so good at her job and I apparently hadn’t talked to anyone in awhile so before I knew it an hour went by. I think for a second there I thought we were going to be friends. It was weird.

3) I ordered a new rug and was super psyched about it until I realized I am only one person. How do single people rearrange their furniture? I’m actually going to have to bribe a friend to come over and help me with these insignificant tasks.
4) If I don’t clean up after myself….no one knows. That took a weird turn for the worst around week three when I figured this out. I didn’t do the dishes for daaaays. Turns out I actually like to be clean so that was short lived.

5) I use Instagram and Snap Chat Stories more than ever before. And before I never really used them, so my usage is up by over 100%. I’m tricking my inner extrovert into thinking they are real social interactions…

6) THE ENTIRE BED IS MINE. See, not everything about our situation is bad, there are bonuses, too! I sleep like a baby. Sorry, Alex…

7) When I actually do cook, I have leftovers for a week. That means the same stupid meal for 5-7 days. Yeah yeah, just make smaller portions. I’m getting there guys, it’s only been six weeks geez, I’m learning.

8) You have conversations like this in your head “Is it weird to go to a movie alone? No, it’s fine! It’s totally fine, I’m independent I can see a movie alone! No no, that’s so weird, don’t go alone, that’s the epitome of sad. But I really wanna go…”
(I did not end up going alone in case you were wondering. I do have friends)

9) Somehow I didn’t realize how strange it would be to not have Alex come home at night. If I don’t actively make plans, 24+ hours can go by without talking to a soul. This one was really strange and I quickly started making plans before I started talking to myself. (Who am I kidding, I started talking to myself on day one)

10) Our landlords told me that due to construction happening behind our house there is a small chance that the cockroach population might make its way into our home. Not likely they said, but they wanted me to know. Awwwwwesome. OF COURSE there will be cockroaches after my husband leaves, of course.

Now that you know I’m always on Snap chat and Instagram, tune in for weekly episodes of “Joelle’s Alone All The Time.” :)

Last but DEFINITELY not least, we have Stef & Bobby’s anniversary session in San Diego at beautiful Mission Trails. With all the rain California experienced this winter we had lush green mountains and wild flowers surrounding us, it was glorious! These cuties have been married for two years and counting!



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  1. by Kayla Illies on March 28, 2017  1:23 am Reply

    Girl I'm right there with ya right now! After they leave, it's hard to get back into work mode since you're routine just goes completely whack! If you want a movie buddy, lemme know! Movies are totally my thing! Or hiking! Or lunch with wine! Hahahahaha!

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