Road Trip Essentials

In the past couple years, I have done my fair share of road trips. Last year alone we logged 2,711 miles driving from the Atlantic to the Pacific. As if that wasn’t enough, we drove almost the entire West Coast last August. Bucket list: CHECK! I love driving because there is no ticket telling you where your destination has to be. You can stop or veer off course; it’s the ultimate adventure! You see strange towns, meet interesting people and really soak up the landscape. Some of my all time favorite memories have been roads trips with either my husband or my good friends. There’s just nothing like being stuck in a small space with awesome people for hours on end.

So, I like to think of myself as a road trip connoisseur and I have a few tips to get your started on your next road trip:


1. Pick a destination. This is pretty obvious, but’s it’s step one. Where are you going? Near or far? It even counts to have “no destination” as your destination. Hit the road and see where you end up! I’ve done road trips that were two hours and road trips that were 40 hours, the destination and distance means little, it’s getting there where the fun lies. What’s the quote people always say…it’s not the destination it’s the journey or something? Sounds good to me!
Okay now that you know where you’re going, now who are you going with?


2. Select a companion. Duh! Who are you taking? I love to road trip with my husband. We can ride along in silence and it’s perfectly comfortable. We can talk for hours on end and it’s perfectly comfortable. We can sing off key from the top of our lungs and it’s perfectly comfortable. Our longest road trip together was 40+ hours of driving and believe it or not, I think I liked him even more at the end than when we started. We have had some of our best deep soul searching conversations in the car. Make sure it’s someone you can be stuck with for a while, this is key 😉
Okay you have your destination and someone to sing your duos with, now what?


3. Buy Food. Food is the foundation of a road trip in my opinion. Do you really need all those calories as you sit on your bum for hours exerting no energy, well no, but that’s not the point. The point is, snacks are delicious and fun. My favorite snacks and banana chips, almonds or cashews, chocolate coconut almonds from Trader Joe’s (trust me, so good), apples, beef jerky and last but not least, Twizzlers.
Guys, you’re almost there! You’re going somewhere great, you have your main squeeze by your side, you won’t starve, now for my favorite tip…

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4. Have an open mind. Don’t make yourself an hour by hour itinerary or plan out every stop. Have an open mind about what your day will hold. As you drive along if you see something interesting or eye catching, stop! Go check it out! The pages you’re seeing are from our road trip following the coastal highway 1. We had a general idea of what cities we would stay over in, but other than that, we just made it up as we went. We stopped when we felt like it and found hotels along the way. Because of that, we accidentally stopped in the town that Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed and had a great lunch!  It’s incredibly freeing not worrying about following a schedule and just enjoying the ride (no pun intended, well kinda)
Last but not least…

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5. Bring a camera and/or journal. You need a way to remember all the random stops you made. Your photos don’t need to be works of art, just a snapshot for you to remember the little things that made your trip special. When I return from a particularly memorable trip, I like to make a coffee table photo album, like the one you’re seeing, that combines the notes from my journal and the photos I took. It’s a quick and easy way to cruise down memory lane and share you adventure.

Now you are ready to hit the road! I’d love to hear about your road trips! What tips do you have?

Until next time…



  1. by Jessica on March 30, 2016  3:43 pm Reply

    This is great! It makes me want to plan a trip right now!

  2. by Willow | Will Cook For Friends on March 30, 2016  4:00 pm Reply

    I love taking roadtrips! I've never been on one that I'd call a grand adventure, but even little ones, like driving to see family a few hours away with my husband, never fails to make my heart beat a little faster. I usually look forward to the car ride just as much, or more than where we are going! These tips are great -- I especially like the idea of combining photos and journal entries into a coffee table book. I'll have to do that for one of our future trips!

  3. by Olivia Rehman on March 30, 2016  4:02 pm Reply

    Love! Who wouldn't want to go on a road trip!? Plus you make it look so fun! Jealous!

  4. by Tania on March 30, 2016  4:12 pm Reply

    This is so wonderful! I have a 4-hour road trip with my hubby this coming Sunday for our 2-year wedding anniversary and plan to capture some amazing photographs of our time together. Hope they will be just as sweet as yours! Totally love the idea of making memories into a album keepsake. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  5. by Amilia on March 30, 2016  5:01 pm Reply

    I love your tips and pictures! I hope to do a big roadtrip soon...I just need to find someone to go with me!

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