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  • Adventurous Honeymoon (Or Vacation) Destinations

  • If you want a honeymoon (anniversary trip or heck, just a trip) that brings out your adventure seeking side, you're in the right place! These five destinations will not disappoint! Narrowing this list down to five was quite the task, there are an endless amount of options when it comes to choosing a[...]
  • Alex & Joelle Adventures | Oahu, Hawaii

  • Before Alex left for his year long tour in Bahrain, we knew we wanted to squeeze one last trip in and Hawaii was calling our names. Living in San Diego we're about as close as you can get to Hawaii and it's not uncommon to find great flights to pop over to the islands. I had never been to Hawaii bef[...]
  • Alex & Joelle Adventures | Yosemite

  • Over Thanksgiving weekend Alex and I set off for a long weekend of adventure to Yosemite National Park. Since we don't have family in California to spend Thanksgiving with, it seemed appropriate to instead spend it with mother nature! After a long and busy Fall, a weekend in the mountains was exactl[...]