Valerie & Dane | Horsetooth Reservoir Anniversary Session Fort Collins CO

I love a breathtaking landscape and God’s unbelievable Creation. I do my best to photograph the beautiful places I’ve been but the problem is, there is always one thing missing from these landscape photos…and that’s a cute couple in love! I can’t help it, I LOVE photographing people! The emotions and expressions between two people is always exciting to photograph and it’s different every time! When I see some beautiful scenery I’m most often wishing I had a couple to photograph in front of it!
It’s funny to me how photographers are all so different. There are photographers that thrive on landscapes and will spend hours waiting for the perfect shot but give them a couple to photograph and they will run in the other direction… I guess we all have our specialties and for me it’s somewhere right in the middle.
My absolute favorite is when I can incorporate some of that breathtaking scenery AND an awesome couple…that’s the jackpot for me. And I won big in Fort Collins Colorado with Valerie and Dane’s anniversary session at Horsetooth Reservoir. This place is a scenic outdoor paradise! I was in heaven with this amazing couple!
Dane & Valerie are so sweet and the timing of their session could not have been more perfect…the next day they were celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary! (Check out my Blog Post about anniversary sessions and why you should schedule one!!) I’m so excited for them to have these new photos to celebrate their marriage!

So far this year has taken me all over the globe (literally) and it’s truly awesome to be able to photograph couples along the way! If you see I’m coming to a state or city near you, don’t hesitate to reach out! I love incorporating sessions into my travel! Traveling and photography are my two great passions and when they collide my heart and soul are happy.


Mother nature threw us a challenge and we photographed in the windiest conditions I’ve ever had but oh my goodness did it make for some gorgeous photos…Valerie’s wind swept hair is perfect!
Don’t be afraid of a little wind at your session, it can add so much magic!

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  1. by Kayla Illies on July 7, 2017  1:59 am Reply

    This is absolutely STUNNING Joelle!!!!! Beautiful beautiful work! We were just in CO for our anniversary on June 19th too! I brought David to see the Clinton Gulch Dam Reservoir outside of Copper Mountain!!! It's a STUNNING state to drive through, explore, and photograph in!

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