Why You Should Take Anniversary Photos – 3 Testimonials

I firmly believe your wedding should NOT be the last time you’re in front of a camera, but more often than not, couples aren’t investing in a photographer again until years down the road. What about all that beautiful time in between? I believe relationships should be celebrated, whatever phase of life they are in! The in between is what makes up your life together and photography is such a wonderful way to remember it for years to come.
I could sit here and go on and on and on… but instead I’m going to let my clients do the talking for me.
On the blog today three of my clients that had anniversary sessions with me last year are here to tell you WHY they decided to take anniversary photos:


Nicole: I’ll start by saying a good photographer doesn’t just capture an image. They capture joy, sadness, love, affection; whatever emotion their subject is feeling. I love photographs… I love looking at them all throughout my house and remembering the moments we took them. I can usually place myself into each photograph and have all the same feelings I did in that moment, no matter how long ago it was. Often times this makes me smile and sometimes it makes me cry. Either way it makes me feel and remember and feelings and memories are such important part of life.

We decided to take one year anniversary photos because I wanted to remember how we felt after a year of marriage. How we were even more in love now than when we said “I do”, because down the road it might be really important to remember that. Nate and I also have such a wonderful time during our photography sessions, it’s almost like a mini date. I mean you are always surrounded by beautiful nature of some sort and it’s not often these days that you get your spouses undivided attention. Sometimes, just looking into their eyes is such a good reminder of how much you love them.

We use the pictures all over our house, as well as in a photo album I make highlighting each year. In my opinion, photos are truly the best and most meaningful home decor.

Stacey: I wanted to take anniversary photos to have some nice updated pictures for our home and to use for our Christmas card. However, during our session I realized how much more meaningful an anniversary session can be. It was 60-90 minutes solely dedicated to capturing the love we have for each other- capturing the laughs, the flirtations, and the little romantic gestures. The great thing about having updated photos around the house is the reminder that the happiness captured is recent and ongoing. Its a great gift to give yourselves.


Alison: Our last professional photos were at our wedding – over six years ago! While we don’t have kids yet, our lives have still changed and I think that’s worth documenting. Not only did we have a great time with Joelle, she beautifully captured this stage of our marriage. We now have updated photos to hang around the house, plus we had great options for Christmas cards! It’s a wonderful thing to take a moment with your spouse and look back on your years together. It will be even better when we can look back on these photos in another six, sixteen, or thirty-six years. Although, I’m sure it won’t be that long before we have another anniversary session.

Well guys, you heard it straight from the source! Anniversary session are the bomb! (I know that saying is long gone but sometimes it just comes out and nothing else feels right!)
Alex and I had our photos taken this past year and I adore them! In marriage, we’re always growing and changing but what makes it so unique and special is that we’re doing it together. While I loved him on the day we said ‘I do’, I love him in such a different way today than I did then and I can see it and feel it in those photos. I encourage you to celebrate your relationship where it is today! Don’t wait to lose 10 pounds or until your next big life event happens, celebrate where you are today!

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